Are you a small business owner who spends more time than you’d like on marketing and communications? Us too! We’re sitting here right now drafting web copy for ourselves when we could be writing web copy for other people. So meta, right?

The good news is that we live to tell the stories of other folks who are passionate about what they do.  

Let us help you draft compelling narratives that speak to your customers, and/or empower you and your team with the tools to make writing for your business more efficient and effective. Whether you’re a one man band with an Etsy shop, or a family business mogul, come talk to us about:  

  • Website content
  • Promotional materials
  • Employee-facing content
  • Labels/product copy
  • Marketing materials, emails, and newsletters
  • Customized writing coaching for your team: as much as we love repeat customers, teaching others to fish gets us really excited. Spend some time with us, and we’ll transform you into a lean, mean, writing machine.
  • Whatever else you might need: Every small business is a special snowflake. If there are words involved, we're here for ya.