Here at Singlefinn, we’ve developed a niche for helping people with their most special writing projects. We work hand-in-hand with these folks to help them come up with a tailored concept and outline for the piece, and then coach them through the writing process as they draft in their own words.

  • SPEECHES: We spend a lot of time with engaged couples and bridal parties, crafting the story of their love for each other through vows, invites, ceremony scripts, and speeches. We help prep entrepreneurs and other inspirational folk for speaking engagements and interviews. 

  • CAREERS AND COLLEGE: We work for job seekers, coaching them through resumes, cover letters, and interview responses that show employers who they really are. We give college hopefuls the tools to write application essays that illustrate how hard they're willing to work to get where they're going. 

  • ADVOCACY WRITING: We help citizen advocates speak up for causes that mean something to them through letters for funding or policy change.

The true value of writing coaching, other than making sure your grandma doesn’t make fun of your best man speech, are the techniques and frameworks that you can take with you to apply to future writing projects. If you leave us with new skills and a fresh outlook on writing, we're stoked.